Will chess take to the ice to join the Olympics?

The president of the chess international federation wants the game to be considered for the Winter Olympics

After decades of failing to gain entrance to the Summer Olympics, chess officials are looking to the Winter Games.

And playing with chess pieces made of ice.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of the game's international federation, floated the idea to the Xinhua news agency during the World Women Team Championship in Chengdu, China, on Wednesday.

By all accounts, Ilyumzhinov was serious. The controversial millionaire official has previously suggested that chess was brought to Earth by aliens.

The Olympic charter mandates winter events be played on ice or snow, but Ilyumzhinov said that ice pieces might fulfill that requirement.

"I think [the federation] is trying hard to promote the sport in order to benefit more players," Chinese Coach Yu Shaoteng was quoted as saying. "So I support his idea."






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