Devon Still posts heart-wrenching messages about daughter Leah

Bengals DT talks about the emotional stress of being separated from his 4-year-old, who is battling cancer

Devon Still is doing everything he can to help his 4-year-old daughter, Leah, who is battling pediatric cancer.

As a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals, Still earns a sizable paycheck and receives the medical benefits necessary to ensure Leah gets the best care possible.

But that also means Still often is away from his ailing daughter, a situation that understandably weighs on the third-year player.

Friday morning seems to have been particularly rough for Still, who sent out a pair of devastating messages via social media early in the day.

He tweeted: "Every time my daughter tells me to get fired so I can come back to Delaware with her it rips me a part."

Wow. Can't even imagine trying to explain to a sick little girl why her Daddy can't stay with her and then having to walk out of that room.

Still also opened up about what he's going through with this Instagram post:

"They may act like they understand but they really don't...couldn't possibly if they never walked a day in my shoes...all I can do is keep pushing myself to not let the stress from being away from my daughter get the best of me..I'll have everything I need and want life if I'm able to watch my daughter grow up..if you can't understand that than you don't understand me."

Leah, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in June and had a tumor removed from her abdomen, started another round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment this week. Doctors won't know for four to six more weeks whether she will need more treatment after this. 

Not sure who "they" are in Still's Instagram post, but hopefully those people have a better understanding after reading those messages.

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