Poll: Who do you think should own the Clippers?

Poll: Who do you think should own the Clippers?
Would you like to see Sean Combs own the Clippers? (Dale Robinette / Associated Press)

After NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday that he would ask the NBA's team owners to vote to expel Donald Sterling from the league and force him to sell the Clippers, speculation began as to who might buy the team. Who would you like to see buy the Clippers?

Magic Johnson — The former Lakers great teamed with Guggenheim Partners in purchasing the Dodgers. Rumors are the two would like to team up again to buy the Clippers.


David Geffen — The music and film mogul reportedly tried to buy the Clippers in 2010, and his office said he's interested again.

Rick Caruso — The billionaire real estate developer told The Times on Monday that he would be interested in leading, or joining, a group that would own the Clippers.

Oscar De La Hoya — The boxing great and President of Golden Boy Promotions announced Wednesday that he would like to own the Clippers.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

— The boxer said he was "very, very interested in buying the Clippers."

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs — Not long after Silver's news conference Tuesday, the entertainment megastar tweeted his interest in the team, with the hashtags #DiddyBuytheClippers and #NameYourPrice.

Rick Ross — The rapper and record label owner said he would be interested in buying the team.

Patrick Soon-Shiong — This billionaire doctor owns a small part of the Lakers and is believed to be interested in the Clippers.

Larry Ellison — The billionaire chief executive of software giant Oracle tried to purchase the Golden State Warriors in 2010.

Frankie Muniz — The "Malcolm in the Middle" star wrote Tuesday on Facebook that he definitely will try to buy the Clippers and that he has been a Clippers fan since 1994.

So who would you like to see buy the team if the Clippers are sold? Vote in our informal poll below and let us know.