Boston University hockey team has culture of 'sexual entitlement,' report says

The sobering and straightforward account of a task force assigned to examine the culture and climate of the Boston University's men's hockey program was revealed in a letter and report on Wednesday on the website of BU President Robert Brown.

"The Task Force concluded that the unique culture of men's ice hockey, played at the highest collegiate level, and the preeminent status of our team on campus contribute to a celebrity culture and an isolation of these athletes from the majority of our student body," Brown said in the letter.

"I believe this situation is exacerbated in men's college hockey where professional teams frequently draft players before they enter college, an observation contained in the Task Force's report. This insular and elevated status can lead to unacceptable and destructive behavior, including a culture of sexual entitlement and abuse."

Fourteen recommendations were made by the panel, and a byproduct of the investigation is that Jack Parker stepped down as athletic director but will continue as coach.

The push to assemble the task force at Boston University came after two players on the hockey team were charged with sexual assault last season.


Boston University has won five NCAA championships in men’s hockey, mostly recently, in 2009.

Brown noted in his letter that no major NCAA infractions were "identified by this independent review."

"We are also implementing sexual assault and violence prevention educational programs for the members of the men's hockey team," Brown wrote. "The report and the investigation of possible breaches in NCAA rules both highlighted the lack of clear reporting lines for the men’s ice hockey program."

But the tone of the reports changed in a major way a day later, quickly veering toward salacious. The Boston Globe obtained a confidential subcommittee report and detailed the late-night festivities of an NCAA championship party in 2009 on the ice at the arena and in the locker room showers.

Some celebrants were naked on the ice, shooting pucks, according to the Globe story. 

And there was this quote in the Globe from the report from a former student on hand at the party: "It was insane. People were having sex in the penalty box."