Officials not yet ready to reinstate Russian track athletes for Olympics

International track officials said Friday "there is still significant work to be done" before Russia's banned track athletes can be reinstated for the fast-approaching 2016 Summer Olympics.

The IAAF, which governs track and field worldwide, recently created a task force to work with Russia.

Officials also announced that five additional countries -- Belarus, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and Ukraine -- must bolster their anti-doping programs to remain in compliance.

"The IAAF is taking control of the fight against doping facing the sport, discussing the issues openly and working with the affected countries to resolve them," said Sebastian Coe, the federation's president. "No sanctions have been imposed but clear recommendations have been made to those five countries so they understand clearly the actions they must take."

The entire Russian track federation was banned from international competition late last year after a report from the World Anti-Doping Agency detailed systemic cheating among its coaches, staff and athletes.

IAAF officials praised the Russians for establishing new leadership and anti-doping education.

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