Arthur Rimbaud

The Siren's Call: Where's Rimbaud?

The Siren's Call: Where's Rimbaud?

In the worlds of myth and literature, plenty of figures have had their "lost" years. There are, to name a few, Sherlock Holmes (after the plunge from Reichenbach Falls), the wizard Merlin (was he imprisoned in a cave or was he killed?), Shakespeare (what was his education and upbringing?) and Jesus (did he or didn't he go to India as a child?).

What did they do during those years? How did they live? Such questions have lured many writers into producing books that try to fill in these tantalizing gaps with definitive evidence.

Jamie James resists the impulse to be conclusive in examining a gap in the real life of 19th century French poet Arthur Rimbaud in his book...

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