Doris Lessing

At 102, therapist is too busy to stop working

At 102, therapist is too busy to stop working

Lately I've been wading into streams of mail from readers approaching death. Some are fighting it, some are afraid, some are ready to go.

And then I heard from two readers with an update on Hedda Bolgar. I wrote about the Brentwood therapist three Septembers ago, when she was 99 and still seeing clients. Bolgar, now 102 and still on the job, was just honored in Washington, D.C., where she received one of two Outstanding Oldest Worker Awards given this year by the organization Experience Works. She shared the spotlight with a 101-year-old man who's a custodian at a Maryland post office.

When I called Bolgar's home number, she picked up right away, sounding fresh as a daisy...

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