Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Andy Warhol in 'Headlines' at Washington's National Gallery

Andy Warhol in 'Headlines' at Washington's National Gallery

Andy Warhol, the guru of Pop art, reveled in a lifelong obsession with newspapers, especially tabloids and their garish headlines. As a teenager, he saved pages with photos of his favorite Hollywood stars. Throughout his life he packed hundreds of newspapers into boxes he called "time capsules" to whet the fancy of the future. He collected scores of fraying clippings about himself in 34 scrapbooks. But most important, he used newspapers, especially the front pages, to model and inform some of the most important works of his fine art. It is hard to imagine Warhol the artist without his headlines.

Warhol's news junkie obsession and its importance to his art are detailed...

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