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24 arrested after video of off-duty officer firing gun during dispute with teens sparks Anaheim protests


How I learned to stop writing for old white men

How I learned to stop writing for old white men

There are few things more revealing than a fervent hobby. If you expose someone's passionate pastime, you somehow learn more about him than the activity alone should reveal. Think Vladimir Nabokov's butterflies, or George W. Bush's portraits. As for me, I've practiced only one activity with near-religious regularity, and have done so for longer than I can remember. I've been trying to give it up recently, since my daughter was born. But nearly all of my life has been arranged around this pursuit. That all-encompassing interest, the one I'm aspiring to spurn, is this: watching boys do stuff.

I've watched boys play drums, guitar, sing, watched them play football, baseball, soccer,...