Gore Vidal
Gore Vidal's pointed witticisms fly again
Gore Vidal's pointed witticisms fly again

If you're starved for the kind of piercing wit rarely exhibited by today's movie heroes and villains, the archival company offered up in the documentary "Gore Vidal: United States of Amnesia" is wholly satisfying. For decades until his death two years ago as a leading "thorn in the American establishment," essayist-storyteller-pundit-provocateur Vidal gave public intellectualism a sweetly savory good name, as Nicholas Wrathall's brisk collection of epigram-laced interviews with Vidal and his admirers attests. And when footage won't do, other choice quotes — "I'm a born-again atheist" — appear in big block letters. Needless to say, so much of Vidal on Vidal is hardly an objective...