Warehouses promised lots of jobs, but robots are invading the workforce

Richard Price

Dark Passages: 'Red on Red' by Edward Conlon

Dark Passages: 'Red on Red' by Edward Conlon

I do not envy those who desire to break in to writing fiction about cops. Although private-eye novels are enough on the commercial downswing that it's high time for a proper revival of the subgenre, police procedurals are in the midst of a mass media glut.

Think I'm exaggerating? The television series "Law & Order" got canceled just as a new spinoff, "Law & Order: Los Angeles," debuted on the airwaves last fall. Michael Connelly's new book, "The Fifth Witness," brings back his legal-eagle hero Mickey Haller (recently portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in the film version of "The Lincoln Lawyer"), but the following one will feature his...