Robert Stone

Rethinking Hemingway 50 years after his death

Rethinking Hemingway 50 years after his death

Boozy, boorish and self-besotted, the world-famous writer in Woody Allen's current hit film, "Midnight in Paris," is kind of a clown. And, as played by actor Corey Stoll, he's an instantly recognizable replica of the author of "The Sun Also Rises" and "The Old Man and the Sea."

He is, of course, Ernest Hemingway. Or rather, he's the Hemingway caricature handed down to posterity: a hard-drinking, womanizing, big-game trophy-hunting, fame-craving blowhard who pushed his obsession about writing in a lean, mean prose style to the point of self-parody.

But exactly 50 years after the Nobel Prize-winning writer committed suicide at his home in...

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