Special Report: What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic

Chanel S.A.

From scents of life's tales to the fragrances of a welcomed new season [Hudson's Corner]

Fragrances are everywhere. From car fresheners, fabric softeners and candles to deodorizers, cleaning products and perfumes — fragrance abounds. So much so that some work places have become fragrance-free because of potential allergic reactions. Scents can be tricky. Less is often more. A friend recently reminded me of why the kitchens in our old houses are set apart. They are not outbuildings and not in the basement, as in some 19th-century homes, but they are their own little appendages, without rooms above or below. They are separated from the dining room by a pantry or butler's pantry. They have doors that close them off from the kitchen and main staircase. Before my...