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'Daredevil' Episode 6 review: 'Condemned' -- 'This is not how I die'
'Daredevil' Episode 6 review: 'Condemned' -- 'This is not how I die'

Until now, Matt Murdock was convinced he was fighting a man. But "Condemned" reveals that his nemesis, Wilson Fisk, is far more than a single being. Fisk is not the head of any one particular snake, instead he embodies all of incorporated corruption in Hell's Kitchen. Murdock's only weapons are his fists. Fisk fights with institutions he has tainted. The police. TV stations. Money. Various mobs. Murdock may be trying to protect the city, but Fisk's tentacles run so deep he can basically club Murdock with the very institutions he seeks to save. While the breadth of Fisk's abilities gets a little out of hand in "Condemned" (we'll get back to...