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Rodney King
'Never Givin' Up' recites MLK's 'Letter' to call for justice
'Never Givin' Up' recites MLK's 'Letter' to call for justice

Anna Deavere Smith, whose documentary theater offerings have investigated the Rodney King riots ("Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992") and the crisis in U.S. healthcare ("Let Me Down Easy"), among other societal flash points, has been hard at work on a new piece on the school-to-prison pipeline in poor minority communities. But after Ferguson, Eric Garner and the steady stream of other reports of unarmed black men (and children) killed by police officers, including the recent shocking video from North Charleston, S.C., Smith's voice — or, rather, the democratic constellation of voices she brings to life in her incisive, humane and sociologically rich form of theater...