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In an Italian kitchen, Mamma knows best
In an Italian kitchen, Mamma knows best

"Mamma says don't punch it," Carlo Montioni says, translating for his mother in heavily accented English."You're always too heavy-handed!" my own mother says, piling on."Let me show you," my daughter Sofia says, sighing and shoving me aside.PHOTOS: Cooking lessons in ItalyI am in the middle of a cooking lesson in our rented Umbrian villa, and "Mamma," or Caterina Felici, is trying to save my forsaken kitchen soul. We are making pasta. Apparently, one must not pound on pasta dough because that makes it chewy.Mamma, tiny, with a creased face and shining eyes, looks every part the Italian mother. She smiles at me encouragingly, the way you smile at a child who writes her letters...