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Meet Barbie Lagerfeld, a doll based on Karl
Meet Barbie Lagerfeld, a doll based on Karl

Barbie is certainly no stranger to fashion. And this fall the Barbie Collector label plans to garb her as a man whose name is synonymous with fashion: get ready for Barbie Lagerfeld. The doll, dressed like uber designer Karl Lagerfeld with her ponytail cinched at the nape of the neck like his, will be available this fall, according to a news release. No other information yet on details, such as price. Veronique Hyland at the Cut blog reminds us that actress Elaine Stritch, who died Thursday at age 89, was among the first to wear a uniform -- on and off stage -- of a big shirt over tights. [The Cut] Tights are now for men too. Also on Thursday, Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell...