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Chandler Canterbury

Review: Outcast kids defy camp bullies in 'Standing Up'

Review: Outcast kids defy camp bullies in 'Standing Up'

Scrubbed clean and sanded around the edges, "Standing Up" is a sanitized version of Brock Cole's '80s young adult novel "The Goats." It's a curious entry in director D.J. Caruso's filmography, a benign kids movie in a career that launched with the edgy crime drama "The Salton Sea" more than a decade ago and has grown increasingly more accessible in the years since. Perhaps it's meant to be a work his kids can watch, but it's unclear who this blandly titled drama is aimed at — devoid as it is of humor or any real hazard and lacking the provocative undertones of its source material.

When outcasts Howie (Chandler Canterbury) and Grace (the ethereally...