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'Blended' continues a love-hate relationship with Adam Sandler

'Blended' continues a love-hate relationship with Adam Sandler

There are movies you love, movies you hate, movies you love to love, movies you love to hate and some sliding scale in between of awfulness, indifference and awesome. And then there are the movies of Adam Sandler, which seem to exist on their very own plane of bad taste and questionable intentions.

Personally, I love them. Or I want to, anyhow, but just can't. So I hate myself for hating Adam Sandler movies.

And I'm not sure what it is I want from them that I am not getting, what would make up the idealized version of the Adam Sandler movie I seem so desperate for. He has already given so much, in a career of remarkably reliable success and longevity now running on more than...

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