Henry Thomas
Review: ABC's 'Betrayal' hits a low in high drama
Review: ABC's 'Betrayal' hits a low in high drama

The problem with ABC's perfectly dreadful new drama "Betrayal," well, OK, the main problem is that it takes itself too seriously. There is no shame in selling soap, as the highly-successful and Emmy-nominated "Scandal" has proven, but it does require a lightness of touch, an ability to acknowledge the camp factor without giving way to it. "Betrayal" enters instead with prestige-drama pretensions and quickly devolves into a lumbering form of mismatched parts borrowed from other, far better stories. A gun is fired, a woman falls, a man's hand reaches for hers and then we're shoved back six months. The woman is one Sara Hayward (Hannah Ware), a beautiful photographer married to ambitious...