Framed, Chapter 2: 'I will get you': How a PTA mom became the target of a revenge campaign

Jeffrey Tambor

The Los Angeles seen in 'Transparent' is for locals only

The Los Angeles seen in 'Transparent' is for locals only

Yes, Randy Newman, from the South Bay to the Valley, from the West Side to the East Side, everybody loves Los Angeles these days. Television, especially. In this recurring feature, L.A. Stories, we look at what TV is saying about the City of Angels in 2016.

"Transparent" follows the Pfeffermans, a narcissistic, neurotic family of affluent, secular, very L.A. Jews led by Maura (Jeffrey Tambor), a transgender woman.

The Amazon series zigzags across Los Angeles County, moving from the striking, mid-century modernist Pfefferman home in Pacific Palisades (but shot in Pasadena) to hipster enclaves like Silver Lake and Echo Park to the upscale, peaceful...