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Jeffrey Tambor
'Apartment Troubles' only the start of pair's problems
'Apartment Troubles' only the start of pair's problems

With the excruciating gal-pal comedy "Apartment Troubles," writer-director-stars Jess Weixler and Jennifer Prediger have created such blurry, unappealing characters that their film is hamstrung from the get-go. That they never find a functional narrative in which to place said characters only makes matters worse. The picture has no real sense of pacing or momentum. The result is a desperately sluggish ride. Facing eviction from their illegal New York City sublet, broke roommates Nicole (Weixler), an untethered artist with wealthy parents, and Olivia (Prediger), an Adderall-popping, would-be actress, decide to visit Nicole's TV-host aunt, Kimberley (Megan Mullally), in...