Joanna Page

Secrets are perilous medicine in 'Breathless' on PBS

Secrets are perilous medicine in 'Breathless' on PBS

For viewers who find "The Knick" too gory and "Masters of Sex" too graphic, the answer can be found, as answers so often are, on PBS' "Masterpiece."

There the three-part period medical drama "Breathless" addresses all the social/sexual repressions and technological limitations of the 1960s while throwing in a dash of soap and a hint of mystery. (It airs under the "Masterpiece Mystery!" banner, which seems a stretch but gives us a few short minutes with Alan Cumming, which is always fun.)

"Pirates of the Caribbean's" Jack Davenport stars as OB-GYN Otto Powell, who, between fabulous diagnoses and flawless surgeries,...

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