John Heard
Review: 'Poseidon Rex' falls short of 'Sharknado' ambitions
Review: 'Poseidon Rex' falls short of 'Sharknado' ambitions

The natural-disaster B-movie "Poseidon Rex" would fit perfectly in the SyFy programming lineup had it boasted the likes of Tara Reid and John Heard of "Sharknado." With a cast of unknowns, the most logical distribution avenue for it would be — theatrical? The title says it all: The centerpiece of "Poseidon Rex" is an amphibian variety of Tyrannosaurus rex that terrorizes people off the coast of Belize. But can it swim? Has it developed an appetite for neoprene wet suits? Does anyone care? In spite of what their wooden expressions and monotonous voices may suggest, the characters know it all. Unfazed by the revival of an extinct prehistoric species as...