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On Selma's 50th anniversary, Obama will look to the future


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TV Picks: 'Drunk History,' Truffaut, 'Moone Boy' and 'Chima'
TV Picks: 'Drunk History,' Truffaut, 'Moone Boy' and 'Chima'

L.A. Times TV critic Robert Lloyd highlights the week's television: "Drunk History" (Comedy Central, Tuesdays). A great and terrible idea that yields hilarity pretty consistently: Heavily intoxicated narrators (comics, comic actors) retell episodes from history as accurately as they can manage; other comic actors (and assorted ringers), costumed and bewigged, mouth the speaker's words as dialogue in what might be called ahistorical reenactments. Offering actual drunkenness rather than play-drunkenness as something to laugh at feels a little fraught, morally, and, indeed, there will be those for whom the whole enterprise (originally created by Derek Waters, who hosts,...