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'The Good Wife' recap: The not-so-good wife?

'The Good Wife' recap: The not-so-good wife?

As we hurtle toward the end of "The Good Wife," Alicia asserts her independence and rejects the role of dutiful wife to Peter, while also going back and forth to court for a never-ending case involving a psychiatrist and an unmanned drone flying above his house.

Alicia and Diane argue a Reese Dipple case (I guess we’ll never actually see Dipple on our screen again since Oliver Platt is busy with "Chicago Med") opposite young Caitlin D’arcy (Anna Camp), who you may recall was a first-year associate at Lockhart-Gardner (back in Season 3) -- and niece of David Lee -- before quitting to start a family. She’s back and stronger than ever, even though we learn that...

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