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Lorne Michaels
TV Picks: "Cubed," "Channel Ben"
TV Picks: "Cubed," "Channel Ben"

The works of Benjamin Apple: "Cubed" (Above Average/YouTube), "Channel Ben" (YouTube). There is a feeling abroad in the land, by which I mean among people who write about television, that this network fall season is a disappointing one, offering new series that are at best good, not great; not good but not bad; not completely bad; or just bad. (Really, there are just a couple of the last, and I am looking mostly at you, "Stalker.") We will all have our exceptions; I will be commending "Jane the Virgin" to you soon. But also one feels, braving this latest onslaught, in a year now made of onslaughts, a kind of exhaustion. There is just too much...