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'Mad Men' recap: Goodbye to Shangri-La

'Mad Men' recap: Goodbye to Shangri-La

Joan, go ahead and burn the place down. I won’t judge.

Not that I’m advocating arson, per se, but I don’t know if I’ve ever felt such vicarious rage for a “Mad Men” character as I did while watching “Lost Horizon” -- and still do as I write this some hours later. For a show rife with sexist, classist and racist behavior, that’s truly saying something.

And not that our favorite redhead isn’t, by now, used to a bit of heartbreak. After all, this is a woman who married a guy who raped her, slept with a sleazy Jaguar executive to secure a partnership she already deserved and gave birth to a baby secretly fathered by her ex after lying to him about having an abortion. Sure, it...

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