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TCA: Showtime chief talks 'Homeland' and possible 'Dexter' return
TCA: Showtime chief talks 'Homeland' and possible 'Dexter' return

The third-season finale of "Homeland," Showtime's popular and controversial series about a troubled CIA agent played by Claire Danes, was one of the most debated episodes of last year, with the death of POW turned possible terrorist Nicholas Brody. When the series returns for its fourth season, it will have "a big reset," said Showtime's President of Entertainment David Nevins. "This is a show fundamentally about a field operative," said Nevins, noting that the show has not often shown Danes' character, Carrie Mathison, working as a spy. "The plan now of the new season is to show her on the ground in the capital of a foreign country, doing her job ... it's going to be different."...