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Review: 'The Hot Flashes' a charmless basketball romp
Review: 'The Hot Flashes' a charmless basketball romp

Susan Seidelman's "The Hot Flashes" is a post-"Bridesmaids" case of raunch lite, a change-of-life comedy that could have used a change of scripts. We're dropped into a suburban (and caricature-ridden) Texas town about to lose its mobile mammogram clinic to bankruptcy. It spurs menopausal go-getter wife/mom Beth (Brooke Shields) to corral a few of her peers — Wanda Sykes' uptight mayoral candidate, Camryn Manheim's pot-smoking biker chick, Virginia Madsen's chain-smoking divorcee and Daryl Hannah's closeted cowgirl — to play some charity basketball games against the high school girls' team. PHOTOS: Hollywood backlot moments What could have been an empowering and amusing riff on the...