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Imagine That (movie)
'Lone Ranger' has plenty of company among modern flops [Poll]
'Lone Ranger' has plenty of company among modern flops [Poll]

Why the long face, Mr. Depp? Perhaps because there’s no question “The Lone Ranger” is a catastrophe. Produced for close to $250 million, the Johnny Depp-starring update of the old radio and television serial grossed a measly $29.4 million in its first three-day weekend (it took in $48.9 million since its July 3 premiere). REVIEW: Not even Johnny Depp can rescue 'The Lone Ranger' Analysts say Disney consequently could have to take a write-down of about $100 million on the flop. But “The Lone Ranger” does not ride alone among the most embarrassing bombs of the 21st century. Here’s our ranking of the Top 10 duds of the millennium, not...