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'The Croods' is weekend's No. 1, 'Olympus' beats expectations

'The Croods' is weekend's No. 1, 'Olympus' beats expectations

It was a weekend of firsts at the box office.

The No. 1 spot went to the first cave-man family in "The Croods," and "Olympus Has Fallen" star Gerard Butler had his first strong showing at the multiplex in years.

The 3-D animated family film beat out the competition, grossing a solid $44.7 million, according to an estimate from distributor 20th Century Fox. "Olympus Has Fallen," a White House-set action thriller, exceeded industry expectations by about $10 million, debuting with a healthy $30.5 million.

Meanwhile, the Tina Fey-Paul Rudd comedy "Admission" started off with an underwhelming $6.4 million. And...