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Dawes plays it old school

Dawes plays it old school

It's a hot, bone-dry, blue-skied day in the hills above Los Angeles — the kind of crystalline morning one might expect to see Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and the Byrds' Gene Clark relaxing on a redwood deck strumming acoustic guitars.

But the guys from canyon-rock band Dawes — acolytes of this very era — sitting on a tree-shaded porch beside the house they share, are not wearing western shirts. The air is scented with eucalyptus, but they are not smoking weed. Inside their home, the bookshelves hold stacks of the Believer, not yellowed copies of Mojo.

"Laurel Canyon has the mystique," says Taylor Goldsmith, 25, the group's singer and guitarist. "But it's just...

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