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Ellie Goulding
SNBRN's 'Raindrops' takes off at CRSSD
SNBRN's 'Raindrops' takes off at CRSSD

One of the upsides of a new, manageably sized festival like last weekend's CRSSD is that it can make a palpable difference for even the smallest acts. If a new producer or DJ has one tune that strikes gold, they can walk away from a small stage with a lot of new interest. That seems to be happening with the L.A. act SNBRN. The production alias of Kevin Chapman has had a rapid ascent with his single "Raindrops," a fizzy and irresistible bit of summertime neo-house that marks his debut for Ultra Records. It's got a vocal turn from the Estonian pop singer Kerli that imagines what Ellie Goulding might have done had she kept up that fluttery, uncanny...