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Sally Kellerman
TV Picks: 'Louie,' 'Maron,' 'Comedy Bang! Bang!,' Jayson Blair
TV Picks: 'Louie,' 'Maron,' 'Comedy Bang! Bang!,' Jayson Blair

"Louie" (FX, Mondays). That Louis C.K. took a year off from his highly and rightly lauded series in order to keep fresh is consistent with what we have come to know and respect about him. (America's Most Respected Comic is a funny-strange title to bestow, but it is a shoe that fits.) The choice shows regard for the work and for the audience — which is, after all, the same thing. Similarly, he throws out his stand-up act every 12 months. "Louie" is literally incomparable; there is nothing else like it on television, either in its combinations of tone or the auteurist circumstances of its making, written and directed (and edited again) as it is by its star. It is...