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All in the Family (tv program)
Bea Arthur took 'Maude' out of 'Family's' shadow
Bea Arthur took 'Maude' out of 'Family's' shadow

"Cousin Maude's Visit," the Dec. 11, 1971, episode of the groundbreaking CBS comedy series "All in the Family," introduced TV audiences to the unforgettable Maude Findlay, the outspoken, liberal and feminist cousin of Edith (Jean Stapleton) who took no guff from conservative Archie (Carroll O'Connor) even when he called her a "big-mouth buttinski." Producer Norman Lear recalled that the episode was airing on the East Coast when he got a call from the network's programming head, Fred Silverman. Silverman told Lear that Maude, brought vividly to life by Bea Arthur, deserved a series of her own. And Lear couldn't have agreed more. ...