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Cupcake Wars (tv program)

Review: 'Whodunnit?' reality TV 'murder' mystery off to slow start

Review: 'Whodunnit?' reality TV 'murder' mystery off to slow start

The classic manor house murder mystery would seem a no-brainer for reality TV, but somehow we got "Cupcake Wars" before "Whodunnit?" which premieres Sunday on ABC.

And maybe there's a reason. As simple as all those cozy mysteries may seem, the good ones are actually complex layers of character, setting, plot and clues. And complexity is not the modus operandi of reality programming.

This one, the brainchild of "CSI" co-creator Anthony E. Zuiker, appears to have ambitions beyond its genre, and possibly its budget. Introduced in voice-over by the determinedly lugubrious butler Giles (Gildart Jackson), "Whodunnit?" summons 13 contestants to...