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'Utopia,' an 'experiment,' seen as hope for reviving reality TV world

'Utopia,' an 'experiment,' seen as hope for reviving reality TV world

He's not the world's most expressive man, but John de Mol Jr. does get visibly peeved if you suggest that his new reality TV show sounds an awful lot like a certain other reality TV show.

"There are so many differences with 'Survivor' that I even don't understand the comparison," the 59-year-old Dutch TV producer said during a sit-down chat in Universal City earlier this year.

De Mol is pounding the drums for his latest creation, "Utopia," which drops 15 people into a remote location — in this case, somewhere near Santa Clarita — and asks them to create a separate society over the next year, all within view of more than 125 robotic cameras. No prize is...