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Christopher Durang hangs with Chekhov, meets Tony

Christopher Durang hangs with Chekhov, meets Tony

NEW YORK — A few years ago, playwright Christopher Durang began wondering "what if" a bunch of Anton Chekhov's characters lived in Bucks County, Penn., as he did. And what if two of the older ones lived in a nice stone farmhouse like his for not just in midlife, as he does, but for their entire lives?

"Even when I studied Chekhov's plays in college, I felt empathy for his older characters, often regretful and unhappy," says Durang. "Now that I'm older, I wanted to do something triggered by Chekhov but put in the present day. My farm house, which is on a little hill, made me think of a lot of the sets I've seen in 'The Seagull.'"

The result of such...

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