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'Iceman' takes the heat out of Donnie Yen's performance
'Iceman' takes the heat out of Donnie Yen's performance

Simultaneously overblown and underdeveloped, "Iceman" fails equally at showcasing the talent of its star and resolving its baroque plot. Ho Ying (Donnie Yen), a Ming Dynasty imperial bodyguard, is delivering the Golden Wheel of Time, a sort of Ramayana-based Wayback Machine, to the emperor in 1621. Falsely accused of treason, he defies his would-be captors and ends up buried in the snow with three vengeful brothers. The quartet re-emerges in 2013 in high-tech cryogenic shipping containers, apparently at the order of an immortality-obsessed North Korean dictator. Accidentally dumped in Hong Kong, Ying falls in with May (Eva Huang), a gold-digging bar hostess. Ho Ying can do...