'Eco Bungalow' arises Phoenix-like from holiday tragedy
'Eco Bungalow' arises Phoenix-like from holiday tragedy

When Robin Wilson called Steven Ambers in early 2012 to lightheartedly ask why she hadn't received a holiday card from his family that year, the conversation took a surprising twist. The interior designer hadn't been removed from the Amberses' mailing list. Instead, the L.A. resident and his wife, Cindy, had lost everything in a fire on Christmas Day 2011 when a menorah candle fell over during the sixth night of Hanukkah in their Beverlywood home. "It was that moment when you say, 'I'm going to do something bigger,' " Wilson recalls. She sprang into action to help them build a new house. PHOTOS: Inside the 'Eco Bungalow' Wilson, a New York-based designer and owner of Robin Wilson...