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Aroldis Chapman
The Times' baseball rankings
The Times' baseball rankings

Last week’s ranking in parentheses, statistics are through Friday’s games:   1. ANGELS: Postseason appearances: Six in 15 years under Mike Scioscia, three in 38 years before Scioscia. (1)   2. BALTIMORE: So, if the Orioles and Washington reach the World Series, is it called the Beltway Series ... (2)   3. WASHINGTON: … or the Parkway Series? Descendants of the Browns vs. Descendants of the Expos? (3)   4. DETROIT: Closer Joe Nathan: 94 batters faced since All-Star break, zero home runs but 1.7 WHIP. (7)   5. DODGERS: Don Mattingly outdoes Tom Lasorda, opens managerial career with four winning seasons in a row. (5)   6. ST. LOUIS: Close to...