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Yasiel Puig leads Dodgers to 9-3 win over Giants

Yasiel Puig leads Dodgers to 9-3 win over Giants

The sign of capitulation took the form of a manager with three World Series rings this decade and an unceasing amount of angst these last three months. 

In the second inning Wednesday of a 9-3 Dodgers victory, San Francisco Giants Manager Bruce Bochy lurched up his dugout steps at Dodger Stadium, shuffled to the mound and held out his hand.

Matt Moore, a left-handed pitcher who devastated the Dodgers inside this ballpark less than a month prior, handed over the baseball and shuffled out of sight. A division race may have disappeared with him. 

The chase for the National League West is not over. Not yet, not with 10 games left in the regular season. But the...