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Jarrod Parker
The Times' Major League Baseball rankings
The Times' Major League Baseball rankings

1. DETROIT: Tigers win six of their last seven behind Miguel Cabrera, who hits .370 over that span. (5) 2. MILWAUKEE: Francisco Rodriguez (14 saves in 30 games) is two weeks ahead of pace he set in 62-save season in 2008. (1) 3. SAN FRANCISCO: Giant pitchers’ batting average (.200) better than All-Star third baseman Pablo Sandoval’s .180. (8) 4. COLORADO: Arenado hitting .364 during 22-game hits streak. Two teammates have higher season averages. (7) 5. OAKLAND: A’s lose another starter to Tommy John surgery with A.J. Griffin joining Jarrod Parker on the sidelines. (3) 6. ATLANTA: Ten Brave pitchers have allowed fewer earned runs than Uggla has made errors (7). (2)...