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PASSINGS: Carlo Bergonzi, Wallace 'Wah Wah' Jones
PASSINGS: Carlo Bergonzi, Wallace 'Wah Wah' Jones

Carlo Bergonzi Italian tenor known for Verdi interpretations Carlo Bergonzi, 90, an Italian tenor who was considered one of the most authoritative interpreters of Verdi's operas, died Friday in Milan, according to the Italian Auxologic Institute. No cause was given. Born July 13, 1924, in the province of Parma not far from Verdi's hometown, Bergonzi started his studies at age 16 as a baritone, only to discover later that his musical gifts lay in the tenor range. Bergonzi served in World War II in an antiaircraft artillery unit and was interned in a German forced labor camp for three years. Bergonzi's international career took off after his 1956 debut at the...