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The view of 'new L.A.' has an eastward tilt

The view of 'new L.A.' has an eastward tilt

It used to be when L.A. appeared on the silver screen, the view was generally of the beaches of Santa Monica, the hills of Malibu, the boutiques of Beverly Hills, the mansions of Bel-Air or the twists of Mulholland Drive. If you saw downtown L.A. at all, it was usually cast as a dystopian wasteland.

Generations of Americans grew up thinking L.A. looked like the Westside. With reason. Up until a few years ago, it's where you could find the largest concentration of high-end restaurants and where designer retailers chose to sell their wares. It's where you would be most likely to see celebrities hanging out at cafes or catching a spin class. It’s where tourists stopped to get the...