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Aging players keep on the ball with pingpong
Aging players keep on the ball with pingpong

Andy Phan sauntered up to a pingpong table about 7 a.m. at the senior center in Monterey Park. Quickly, he shooed away two other players. Phan, 76, is one of the center's best. He's known for an aggressive power game and a spin shot with a nasty, unpredictable bounce. Some of the guys at the center have taken to calling him the "Tornado," a name he embraces gleefully. He challenged a man in a yellow jersey, and as soon as the rally began, Phan's opponent took five steps back. "Long jun cho," Phan jeered in Chinese — for dragon spin shot. "As soon as I hit it, he's done! He's got nothing!" A few eyes rolled at the tables...