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The traveling sisterhood of 'How to Be Bad'
The traveling sisterhood of 'How to Be Bad'

Usually when I go out to interview authors, I don't feel as if I've stumbled into a slumber party. As soon as I turned up in Duke's Coffee Shop on the Sunset Strip to meet Emily Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski and Lauren Myracle to talk about their joint novel, "How to Be Bad" (HarperTeen: $16.99, ages 14 and up), I was immediately immersed in a discussion about the relative sexiness of men of different nationalities, just because of my Dutch last name. Lauren: Are Dutch men sexy? I've been trying to decide about a character in a new book. Emily: Oh, any guy not from here. Sarah: No! Isn't it better if it's the boy next door, and she has to learn to...