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Small ship line Un-Cruise Adventures to serve only sustainable seafood

Sailings to Alaska and Mexico on one cruise line will feature meals made with sustainable seafood

Cruise line Un-Cruise Adventures on Monday announced that it would serve only sustainable seafood aboard its small fleet of eight yachts and small ships.

The Seattle-based company said it would adhere to seafood guidelines by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program that are identified as "best choice or "good alternative."

Un-Cruise says it wants to help guests and staff learn how to make the best fish choices to keep oceans healthy.

The company's vessels carry 22 to 88 passengers to Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia and Snake rivers, Hawaii, Mexico's Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica and Panama.

The seafood program was developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium  to create awareness of how wild-caught fish and farmed fish affect the health of oceans.

It continues to update consumers and businesses on how to make the best choices. For example, Seafood Watch this month released new assessments for wild-caught tuna as well as swordfish, capelin, tilefish and yellow perch.

You can download Seafood Watch's free app for your smartphone or tablet too.



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