Travel letters: Ontario Airport and other alternatives to LAX

Ontario and other alternatives to LAX

Regarding "Airport Convenience Comes at a Price" by Catharine Hamm, Dec. 14: My wife and I are passionate about flying from LA/Ontario International Airport. The last time I drove to LAX, I narrowly missed being in a very bad accident on the 210 Freeway. I'd rather pay extra and fly from Ontario.


I would estimate there are more than 2 million people who are closer to the Ontario airport than LAX. There definitely is a market, and if Ontario were to regain control of the airport, you'd see the number of people using it rise dramatically. Los Angeles does not want to give up the airport because it does not want the competition.

We go to England twice a year. Before 9/11, we flew Ontario to Chicago to London. Then, United stopped flying directly to Chicago.

We also flew Ontario to L.A. and then to London. If I want to go from Ontario to L.A., I have to go through San Francisco, which makes no sense. Our flights from Ontario to Houston to London are about the same price as flying L.A. to London.

In November 2013, on a flight from Ontario to Houston to Orlando, Fla., I met a family of five from Sacramento who had driven to Ontario because it was so much cheaper than flying from Sacramento. I was surprised.

Howard Grossman

San Bernardino


Palm Springs (PSP) has a terrific airport, and its fares are typically lower (at least on United) than on those to and from Ontario. PSP is about 50 miles from Ontario, and if you can figure out the freeway traffic, it's a pretty easy ride. I fly weekly between the Bay Area and Southern California and have found PSP to be sometimes an economic gem.

Mike Norton



I'm a senior citizen and I don't travel as much, but I do visit San Francisco where I have family. I am not upset to see the cost of a flight from Long Beach Airport, currently at $158, when the price from LAX is $124, because LGB is more convenient and the JetBlue staff is very pleasant. Someone always helps me up the ramp with my carry-on, and I use the wheelchair service at the other end to negotiate that long corridor. I do not regret any money I've spent traveling over the years because I have wonderful memories.

Eleanor Van Natta

Rancho Dominguez


Hotel bathroom tips

Regarding Letters, Nov. 30: With all the hype about being green and tipping housekeepers, I'm amazed that nobody mentions the lack of towel rods in hotel rooms. I don't want to swing my towel over the shower curtain rod or hang two towels over one hook behind the door. Hotels should provide at least two 24-inch (30-inch would be better) towel rods and a ring to hang a hand towel. I think a lot of people would reuse their towels.

While I'm at it: There is also a lack of space in hotel bathrooms for two toiletry kits. I don't understand how the hotel industry has not figured out what is needed in a bathroom for travelers.

Margarete O'Brien

Manhattan Beach