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Two more centennials to celebrate in 2016: the birth of Kirk Douglas and the dada movement

Two more for '16: Kirk Douglas and dada

Regarding "16 Centennials to Celebrate in 2016," by Mary Forgione, Dec. 27. Kirk Douglas, anyone? How could she leave out this American legend and acting icon? Dec. 9, 2016. Surely, someplace commemorates him?

Michael Dragotto

Los Angeles


It was 1916 in Zurich, Switzerland, at the Cabaret Voltaire that dada, one of the most influential art movements ever, began kicking and clicking. Some beginnings never end. It's rumored that dada events will arise here in L.A. Beware, and relish the thought.

Mike Mollett

Los Angeles

Israel a must-visit

I am surprised that Israel was not on the list of 16 places to go ["Must-See Spots in '16," by Christopher Reynolds, Dec. 27]. It has so many historical, religious and archaeological sites to visit that even a two-week stay doesn't do it justice. Whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, a trip to Israel is very rewarding.

Emanuel R. Baker

Los Angeles

Delightful Torcello

It was with delighted surprise that I opened the Travel section to see a picture of one of my favorite scenes — the apse at the basilica in Torcello, Italy ["On Faith's Path," by Thomas Curwen, Dec. 20].

I first visited Torcello in 1990 before there was any structure for tourism. I could wander at will and at length and I did. My husband and I went back several years ago and even the new arrangement could not dim my enjoyment.

Unlike Curwen, I visited as a believer and also as a scholar. I have a PhD in academic theology, and architectural evidence of changing modes of faith and worship were part of my research. The Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, with its different chronological levels, was a rich source.

Thank you for reviving that memory. It was a fine article, more thoughtful than many I read in the Travel section.

Marie Anne Mayeski

Los Angeles


I want to commend the author and editor of Curwen's piece on Italy: This was a welcome story, in contrast to the all-too-frequent, self-focused "I went to an expensive resort in an exotic locale and ate fancy meals" (and ignored the local people and culture). Instead, Curwen writes of an encounter between himself and another place, another culture, another perspective. Thank you, Curwen — and a thumbs-up to the travel editor for running it.

Jim Hess


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